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Redlegs at Peglegs, Game 2: Prevs and Preds

MLB: Cincinnati Reds at Pittsburgh Pirates Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Cincinnati Reds at Pittsburgh Pirates

7:05 PM EDT

Robert Stephenson vs Trevor Williams

The Reds played one of their best all-around baseball games of the season last night, which was a really fun thing to see. Here’s hopin’ they keep that soup a-cookin’ tonight.

Stephenson has struggled since re-joining the rotation a few weeks ago, throwing 9.2 innings over two starts and giving up eight runs, nine walks, and three homers. He gave up seven walks in his last start, showing what I think was a bad mechanical issue. I’m sure the Reds’ coaching staff brought it to his attention, so hopefully he can put the ball where he wants it tonight.

Trevor Williams is not Dave Williams, nor is he Woody Williams. This is his first full year in the Pirates’ rotation and he has thrown better than pretty much every Reds’ starter. I had no idea who this feller is until just now, so that fact made me feel pretty crappy.