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Red Reposter - Mesoraco, Feldman, and other stuff

No #FakeNews here. If you want that, go see the FAILING Redleg Nation. Sad!

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MLB: Cincinnati Reds at Tampa Bay Rays Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports
  • Blehhhhhhhhhh. You can add Scott Feldman now to the list of injured Reds starters. Trent has the deets, but the gist is that Feldman has been dealing with a knee problem all year. Yesterday, it was just too much for him. The Reds put him on the DL today, making it five-for-five of original members of the rotation that have spent time on the DL this season. Every team deals with injuries, to be sure, but the number of pitcher injuries coupled with the scant pitching talent available to the team has created an ugly disaster. Oh, well. We can still hope for next year.
  • Related: Today the Reds not only DL’d Feldman, but they also sent Jesse Winker back to AAA and brought up Sal Romano and Lisalverto Bonilla. Every one of these young pitchers the Reds have this season have bounced back and forth between Cincy and Louisville a number of times. It’s almost like they are violating the spirit of the minor-league option rule, if not the letter. Whatever it might or might not be, they are taking full advantage.
  • I know we have plugged this a few times, but I’ll be damned if I don’t run this into the ground. You need to listen to CTrent’s Great American Dream podcast. It is loosely focused on 2B prospect Shed Long, but Trent uses him and his story to take a deep dive into minor league baseball and its culture, construction, effects, and so on. It is well-worth your time.
  • Adam Duvall is your Reds’ Heart and Hustle Award winner this year. The parameters of this award are pretty vague, so I’m still not sure what it is all about. One player from each team is selected, and a few former Reds are on the list. Yonder Alonso won it for the A’s, Justin Turner won it for the Dodgers, and Jay Bruce won it for the Mets.
  • Another bit on Devin Mesoraco: He has been on the shelf since Independence Day with a twangy shoulder but he started a rehab assignment with the Bats last night. He kablammoed a grand slam in his first PA, so that is pretty jam. He caught all nine innings and added a pair of walks, too. So yeah, pr’ jam.
  • Ben Markham over at Viva el Birdos takes a look at the shortstop options available to the Cardinals and Zack Cozart features prominently. He does an excellent job breaking down some advanced metrics and such and determines that the Go Cart would be a nice upgrade for the Cardinals for the stretch run. However, some of his underlying metrics warn of regression (which I think we are already seeing). Also, he says they have some in-house candidates who probably aren’t as far behind Cozart as you might think. Of course, there is also the issue of teams being gun-shy about intra-division trading.
    Worth noting though, he mentions a few possible prospects that would be reasonable targets in a Cozart deal, among them pitchers Jack Flaherty and Dakota Hudson along with outfielder Harrison Bader. I would be pleased with any of them.