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The best Home Run Derby in recent memory

At least, from this particular perspective.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The 2017 All Star break is upon us, with the game to be held in Miami tomorrow night. The Futures Game is in the books - with Nick Senzel having opened the scoring with an RBI single - and those not participating in the festivities are hopefully getting a few much needed days off from the grind.

One of those guys with a few days’ time on his hands: Todd Frazier, the former Cincinnati Reds 3B who now plies his trade with the Chicago White Sox. And Frazier’s not just a former Red - rather, he’s the author of the single most exciting night in Great American Ball Park of at least the last six years, as well as the man with the trophy from the 2015 Home Run Derby.

(The Reds hosted the 2015 All Star festivities. Did you know that?)

With Giancarlo Stanton trying to win one in front of his home crowd, Aaron Judge standing as a 6’7" dinger-honking goliath, and Charlie Blackmon’s beard set to have the attention of the baseball world tonight, have a cold one (or two) and look back at Frazier’s dramatic 2015 dingerrific win, one that featured the newly implemented timer that added exactly the kind of suspense the event needed at that time.

(Here's another link to the video.)