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Reds vs Toiletbirds Game 3 Prevs and Preds

BroYo starts tonight for the Reds, hoping to keep a good jam goin’

St Louis Cardinals v Cincinnati Reds Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

St. Louis Cardinals at Cincinnati Reds

7:10 PM ET

Lance Lynn vs. Bronson Arroyo

Y’all dingoes apparently don’t read these things. Yesterday, Wickle Dick wrote up the preview all about the Bronson Arroyo / Lance Lynn match up. They are pitching tonight though, so he got it way wrong. But nobody noticed. So why do we do this?

I’m going to start this prevs and preds piece telling you, our dear readers, just how little respect I have for you. Your parents, collectively, are abhorrent examples of the human race. Your offspring will certainly ruin the universe. Your faces are all ugly and your butts are all stinky. Jump back up your mothers, all of you.


I’m sure we are all nursing wanging hangovers today after the Scooter Gennett binge-donking session. His 5-5, four home runs and 10 RsBI performance ranks among the greatest single games of all time. It is only the 17th instance of a player jonking four wangoes in a game. It is fifth since 1913 in RE24, which measures how many runs the player added given the base and out situations of his plate appearances.

Scott Schebler should return to the lineup today. He pinch-hit late in the game last night, so I suspect he’s healthy enough to get back to his starting position in right field.

Go Reds! They are my favorite team!