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Pirates at Reds, Game 3: Preview/Predictions Thread

Cincinnati Reds v Milwaukee Brewers Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Reds vs Pirates

7:10 EDT first pitch

Rookie Davis vs Jameson Taillon

For what seems like a good ten years or so, Gerrit Cole and Jameson Taillon have been much-ballyhooed pitching prospects for the Pirates. I’m pretty sure I remember the both of ‘em playing catch with Don Slaught at their first spring training.

Taillon is 25 now and seems to be putting it together. He has a terrific 2.08 ERA in five starts so far this year. This will be his second start against the Reds this season, as he pitched a strong six and gave up a Duvarino back on April 11.

Meanwhile, Rookie will be making his second start after returning from the disabled list. He has not pitched as well as Taillon. His ERA is north of 11 and he is walking everyone and giving up sockaroonis to everyone else. It’d sure be awful nice if he could throw 6+ this evening because it would make me feel better. I like this kid and I think he has potential, but so far he has looked completely overmatched by major-league hitters.

Tonight is also Bark at the Park, so jam on m’dawgs.

Go, Reds! They are my favorite team!