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2017 MLB All Star ballots are out, so start your voting

Put your favorite players on a shiny stage.

87th MLB All-Star Game Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

The latest round of Collective Bargaining between MLB and the MLB Players Union resulted in the upcoming All Star Games not determining which league’s World Series representative got to have home field advantage. While on paper that may look like an effort to de-emphasize the game itself, the reality is that removing such a fickle formality from the game’s status should free it from that thin shell and finally allow the most important aspect to shine through again: the fun of it.

Though the 2017 edition of the All Star Game is months away, the ballot has already been released, meaning you can begin voting for your favorite Cincinnati Reds players to help them make the squad. Hell, some of the guys even have bonuses in their contracts that’ll give them a boat or nine cows or a super sweet riding lawn mower if they make the cut, and you’ve got 35 chances to make sure that happens for them.

You’ll find the ballot here, where you can proceed to finally send Joey Votto back to the All Star Game for the first time since 2013, which is completely absurd given that he’s hit .305/.431/.527 in that time.

Go. Vote. Do your part. And keep an eye out for Russian hackers while you’re at it.