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Reds at Cardinals, Game 2: Preview/Predictions Thread

MLB: Cincinnati Reds at St. Louis Cardinals Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Cincinnati Reds at St. Louis Cardinals

2:15 PM ET

Bronson Arroyo vs. Michael Wacha

After last night’s exciting pitcher’s duel, the Reds take to the field for a day game with a chance to extend their LEAD IN THE NL CENTRAL. That’s not the only reason why this game will be exciting, though.

Today marks the long-awaited return of Bronson Arroyo to the major leagues, and to the Reds. This day has been rumored and teased so many times over the past couple seasons that I can’t believe that it’s finally here, and it’s pretty incredible when you think about the amount of work Bronson had to do to make it to this position. At this point, who knows how many starts he’ll get, or if he’ll even get another one after this one, but I’m going to enjoy seeing him back on the mound slinging nasty hooks once again.

He’ll face Michael Wacha, whose name I can’t say without thinking of Fozzie Bear.

Go Reds! They’re my favorite team!