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Farmer’s Only: Mahle is the Garrett of Pensacola

A few timely hits and a couple right arms on the farm

Tyler goshdanged Mahle

Today’s FO is late because we are impersonating the Biloxi Shuckers’ swings against a Tyler Mahle fastball.

Louisville Bats, 2: Toledo Mudhens, 4

Louis Coleman blew a solid start to allow the northwest Ohioans a win. Rob Woo“oooooo!”ten went 6.1 solid with 3H, 2ER, 1 BB and 4K in the start before Coleman let up 4 baserunners (3 walks!) to blow it.

Sebastian “The Ilizalde” Elizalde went 3-5 with a double. Tyler “For Bad or for” Goeddel went 2-4, as did Zach “The softest of ‘J’s” Vincej.

Jackson Stephens, who had a rough first go of 2017, will face Columbus’ Adam Plutko at 6:35 ET in Columbus. Anyone want to make the trip?

Pensacola Blue Wahoos, 3: Biloxi Shuckers, 0

Tyler Mahle may be the truth. He went 7IP 1H 0ER 2BB 6K yesterday, giving him 12.2 innings so far this year with 4H, 1ER, 3BB, 12K. The 22-year-old may be edging out Jackson Stephens as my favorite pitching prospect in the system.

Oh and Jimmy “This night I will never” Herget struck out the side for the save.

The offense was basically entirely provided by Alex “Egg-centric restaurant” Blandino, who went 3-4 with 2 doubles, 3 RBI and a stolen base. He was helped by Taylor “Bad Blood isn’t the only BB around here” Sparks who went 0-1 with 3 walks. Devin “Still kickin’, still squattin’” Mesoraco caught the whole game and went 1-5 in the 2-hole.

Blandino is a Vottonian .364 /.500/ .545 so far this year. Luis Castillo will face Biloxi’s Jorge Lopez tonight at 7:35 ET, in Biloxi.

Daytona Tortugas, 2: Jupiter Hammerheads, 0

“Jupiter Hammerheads” is a wonderful team name, huh? Something wonderfully spacepunk about that. Anyways, Jonathon “the Devin Mesoraco of pitching” Crawford and Jake “Rober” Paulson combined for a shutout of the Electric Barbarellas. Crawford went 4IP with 5H, 2BB, 4K and Paulson went 5IP, 2H, 1BB, 2K. Good work, good dudes.

The offense was provided by Shed “Squat Box of Swat” Long and Garrett “Peter” Boulware, who both went 2-4. Nobody on the Tortugas walked, which is very sad.

The Pride of Cranbury, New Jersey Jose Lopez will host Cody Stashak and the Fort Myers Miracle tonight at 7:00 ET. It’s opening night in Daytona, which means “National Entertainment Fur Circus, Live Music & Magnet Schedule Giveaway.

Dayton Dragons, 10: West Michigan Whitecaps, 8

It was a team-wide effort to wipe out the DeVossers last night. Well, at least the hitting side of the team.

T.J. Friedl went 1-4 with a homer and a walk, Hector Vargas went 3-5 with a double, Taylor Trammell went 1-5 with a stolen base, Tyler Stephenson went 1-4 with a grand slam, and Michael Beltre went 1-3 with a double. It was a whole lot of beating up on Kyle Funkhouser – who deserves it with a name like that – and gave up 7ER in 2IP.

It wasn’t much better for the Dayton pitchers. Scott “a hard-hit ball gathers no” Moss went 4.1 IP giving up 6H, 6R, 4ER and 2BB...albeit 8K. Jesse “Uncle” Adams had the only decent line — a clear 2.1IP with nothing but 2K.

Wennington “Hype Caboose” Romero will face Dustin May at 7:00 ET tonight as the dragons face the Great Lakes Loons from what I must assume is the middle of Lake Superior or something.