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If Tom Waits wrote songs about baseball

A Friday List

Here are some possible titles of songs written by Tom Waits if Tom Waits wrote songs about baseball:

6-4-3 I’m so Lonely

Grass Stains on my Stirrups

Hey There Mister Gatorade Man

Old Cleats

Wade Boggs’ Blues (Four Sheets to the Wind on the Team Flight)

Bad Slider

Just Sittin’ Here a-Waitin’ for this Rain Delay to End


Heartbreak is Like a Catcher’s Mitt

Gettin’ the Business from Tommy LaSorda (Kickin’ in the Dust)

Brooding, Gloomy, Somber, and Contemplative in the On-Deck Circle

0-for-24 Slump

Road Trips and Jet Lags

Basement Dweller’s Blues

The Frank Thomas I knew is Gone