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JPEG of the Year: The Scream

The Scream
Picture courtesy of me, you idiots

Your favorite JPEG of the 2016 season is The Scream. The final vote was extraordinarily close, but in the end it eked out a handful of votes to take the title.

I feel compelled to take this opportunity to earnestly thank all of you for tolerating this nonsense. Red Reporter is - far and away - the weirdest sub-culture of which I am a part, and I feel genuinely happy that such a place exists that is mostly accepting of my eccentricities. This is supposed to be a baseball website, after all. But I get to share my only-tangentially-related baseball thoughts with you and you haven’t told me to stop (yet).

This was only the second (mostly) full season I have done this little project, and as of right now I’m pretty sure 2017 will be the third. So if you like, look for more of this weird shit as the season starts up here in a few weeks.