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Reds lose to Mariners, Giants in split-squad action

Two games, two L's.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports
Spring training is long, the scores of the games are not telling at all, nothing counts, and most every game isn't even televised. Boring? No, not boring, just a mild amalgamation of 'tedious' and 'aimless.'

Blabbing thousands of words about a split-squad Saturday in the world of the Cincinnati Reds seems rather urge-overkill.

So, let's limerick.

Cincinnati Reds 6, Seattle Mariners 7

Must be hard to be Jesse Winker,

all last year with barely a dinger.

He tripled and scored

at times looking bored

but perhaps the man’s just a thinker.


There once was a man named Aquino

with a swing like the Great Bambino.

They lobbbed him a fat one,

he hit it a crap-ton,

and it landed half-way up to Reno.


Zack Cozart is back on two legs,

bemoaned by most Twitter eggs.

Loved by nerds in their basements,

and despite ready replacements,

his two-hit day should keep him his gig.


Six hits left in Finnegan's wake,

two walks in two frames they did take.

He'll climb back up that ladder,

perhaps a bit madder,

with an Opening Day start still at stake.


Des Jennings launched a key dinger

Dixon, too, cracked a rain-bringer.

They tied up the game

[insert emoji flame],

and it's there where the score did linger.


Lorenzen has found new beginning

that no longer includes frequent sinning.

He surrendered the lead

- a forgivable deed -

as it came late in his second inning.

Cincinnati Reds 7, San Francisco Giants 9

Cain's fame has become quite arcane,

far removed from his once perfect game.

The Reds crushed his weak stuff,

he left in a huff.

Perhaps he's still pitching through pain.


Duvall came up as a Giant,

to the Reds he came quite compliant.

Against his old cronies

he showed he's no phony,

a display he put on like Kris Bryant.


Schebler's his pal 'cross the grass,

chomping mouthguard and mouthguard en masse.

He singled twice,

and impressed Bryan Price.

Savvy grab by Cincinnati's brass.


Renda's engaged in a battle

to prove he's no four-A cattle.

A bench spot in sight,

his Spring has been bright.

This'd work better if he'd played Seattle.


The Giants teed-off on poor Feldman,

dingering thrice against the Reds' shelled-man.

He'll still have a role,

perhaps next year in Seoul,

where his ERA won't be so swelled-man.


What a debut for young T.J Friedl,

a script deserving of Don Cheadle.

A dinger honked,

one that was quite bonked,

and certainly moved the needle.


The Reds held a decent lead late

but we know the bullpen's history ain't great.

From a two run lead

to a three run defeat,

let us hope this is no repeat fate.


Other Notes

  • Nick Senzel was originally scheduled to participate in big league action today, but he took a batting practice pitch off the wrist and was scratched. Turns out he's OK, however, which is a damn fine development.
  • The Reds will play split-squad games again on Sunday. There aren't enough limericks in this world.
  • Bronson Arroyo will start one of them for Cincinnati, and no this recap wasn't written in 2011. He'll go against the Milwaukee Brewers in Goodyear at 3:05 PM ET, while Rookie Davis will start against the Colorado Rockies in Scottsdale at 4:10 PM ET.
  • Clocks roll forward tonight, so don't be that nerbler who forgets and tunes in an hour late.
  • Tunes.