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2017 Community Team Previews are here!

It’s back and better than ever* (it’s actually the exact same from last year)

MLB: World Series-Chicago Cubs at Cleveland Indians Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

It's back! For the last several years, Red Reporter has turned to you, the reader, and asked for your participation. For what, you ask? Community Team Previews!

What are Community Team Previews?

29 members of RR sign up to write a preview of each MLB team. It's a way for people interested in a certain team to have the opportunity to pick a team to research and write about, and a way to give back to your site. Hell, you're probably better than us, anyway.

What should a preview consist of?

The format itself is up to you, but make sure to mention the key players on the team, as well as any notable additions and subtractions. We want to learn something about some of the teams that we don't have the time to follow as closely as the Reds, so go nuts!

Does it matter how I write and format it?

Completely up to you! In the past, we've had people write up a straight analysis of the team, and there have been people who have chosen to write it in alter-ego voices, or write them as stories. Any way you want to approach it is perfectly fine, as long as you make it about the team in question. Vaguely. Have fun with it!

Where do they go?

You can write your preview up as a FanPost, and from there we'll promote it to the front page. That's right, this is an easy chance to get your stuff read by a TON* of people.

*This term is relative


When you sign up, there'll be a day attached. Post it sometime on that day, preferably in the morning. That probably means get it done before that day. If you need to post it the night before, that's fine, but it won't be promoted until your scheduled day. If you sign up for one and then the day ends up being bad for you, let us know and we'll see if there is something we can do.

If we don't hear from you, we'll hunt you down. I have a particular set of skills, skills that make me for a nightmare for people like you. I will look for you, and I will find you... and then I'll probably just ask Wick to write your team preview.

We don't want any gaps in the coverage, so don't sign up for one and disappear and let everybody down. No one likes a flake. Don't be a flake.

Damn dude, I get it. I won't flake out.

You sure?

Yes! Where do I sign up?


Here's the schedule, as currently drawn up. Sign up below, and I'll update this list as people sign up.

2/20 - Seattle Mariners - btcoop71

2/21 - Atlanta Braves - Mitchell Clark

2/22 - Chicago White Sox - HoopDreamsTenn

2/23 - New York Mets - redbear

2/24 - Los Angeles Angels - BK

2/27 - San Francisco Giants - Red Dead Reporter

2/28 - Cleveland Indians - saboscork

3/1 - Colorado Rockies - Kevin Mitchell is Batman

3/2 - Boston Red Sox - Wick Terrell

3/3 - Miami Marlins - Cy Schourek

3/6 - Detroit Tigers - PurdueFan99

3/7 - San Diego Padres - GreatAmericanRedsFan

3/8 - Tampa Bay Rays - Bigredfan19

3/9 - Arizona Diamondbacks - Steve Simon

3/10 - Houston Astros - jaewenn

3/13 - Los Angeles Dodgers - Charlie Scrabbles

3/14 - Oakland Athletics - sjcourtney56

3/15 - Philadelphia Phillies - mallaire

3/16 - Texas Rangers - MC Reds Hot

3/17 - Washington Nationals - Tony Wolfe

3/20 - Kansas City Royals - CincyMan12345

3/21 - Milwaukee Brewers - Voey Jotto

3/22 - Baltimore Orioles - Brendanukkah

3/23 - Pittsburgh Pirates - Bigred19

3/24 - Toronto Blue Jays - Cy Schourek

3/27 - St. Louis Cardinals - crolfer

3/28 - Minnesota Twins - Bigred19

3/29 - Chicago Cubs - yeOldeBatBoy

3/30 - New York Yankees - Buck Slowalter