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Happy Holidays from Red Reporter

Cheers to the New Beer!

Pittsburgh Pirates v Cincinnati Reds Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Hello there, Reds aficionados.

We here at Red Reporter dot com hope you’re well, you’re as inebriated as you care to be, and that there’s comfy fireplace near you in the coming days. Considering the Reds themselves have managed to light zero logs to keep the stove hot so far this winter, that’s something that you might have to look a bit harder for this year.

As I grabbed a pine log to toss in my own fireplace this afternoon, the sap was thick enough to remind me that it was high time I put some sappiness together here at RR. 2017 has been a monumental year for so many of the most disturbing reasons, but it’s been yet another year of being able to call this place our wonderful internet home. That you fine folks continue to stick with us, read our stuff, laugh at our delightfully awful nicknames, and provide the single most civil, observant, thought-provoking comment section in all the land never ceases to be incredibly important to me, and for that I’d like to thank you each once again. It’s truly a damn cool thing.

2017 also saw fearless leader BK move into the esteemed realm of Former Fearless Leaders, alongside some of the great brains and keyboards that first got this place up and running. I’d like to formally tip a cap and cheers beers to BK, who along with being a great dude and a good friend was a great skipper for RR for five incredibly fun years despite the product on the field crumbling like a granola bar in that time. Salud, Beek, and here’s to hoping our SB Nation overlords get back to us on the leadership front at some point before Nick Senzel is arb-eligible.

As for what 2018 holds in store for us, well, Nick freakin’ Senzel is a good place to begin. The rebuilding Reds don’t appear set to make any revelatory moves before the season starts, though there will surely be a pitcher here and a backup infielder there along the way. What 2018 will be riding on is the emergence of Senzel at some point, the hopeful breakout of Eugenio Suarez continuing to unfold, and how soon Jesse Winker can do a full-year Joey Votto impersonation. It’ll ride on the hopefully healthy arms of Homer Bailey, Anthony DeSclafani, and Brandon Finnegan, all of whom - lest we forget - are actually cromulent pitchers during the selective stints in which their arms remain healthy. Luis Castillo and Raisel Iglesias will have to continue to baffle opposing hitters with repertoires unrivaled in the baseball world, and the arsenal of talented young arms behind them will need to use the competition for roster spots to fuel their fires. While the winning hasn’t yet emerged, there’s no denying there’s still a ton of talent on-hand, and there’s always the chance it transforms from raw eggs and veggies into a damn nice omelet as early as this year.

At least, that’s what we’re hoping for, and what we’ll continue to be writing about as the calendar flips once again. A big hug and preemptive thanks for reading those, for voting on our Community Prospect Rankings (which will begin in just a few weeks), for indulging our insatiable love of all things Joey Votto, and for following along as the Reds do the baseball at least 162 times again next year.

Happy Holidays, Red Reporters. You’re the best.