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Winter Meetings Roundup - Reds asking for moon in any Raisel Iglesias trade

As well they should.

MLB: Pittsburgh Pirates at Cincinnati Reds David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

Wednesday at the MLB Winter Meetings in Orlando featured more of the same for the Cincinnati Reds - that is, light rumors and even lighter action. With just one more day remaining with all non-Jeter front offices in one place, the chance we’ll actually see any action from Dick Williams & Co. at this juncture is looking increasingly slim, it would appear.

One tidbit did jump out today, however, and FanRag’s Jon Heyman was the one to let us know.

That Raisel Iglesias is in high demand shouldn’t come as any real surprise, as the guy’s a frisbee-flipper who can also rear back and throw 99 mph. Given the unreal number of relievers that have already signed multiple year contracts in the eight figure range, it’s a gimme that any team in baseball would be asking about a reliever of Iglesias’ ability who’s under team control through 2021 with just over $15 million guaranteed his way (with the noted ability to opt-in to arbitration). For that same reason, though, it seems the Reds are prioritizing Igloo being the anchor in a bullpen that’s completely in flux, and that’s a concept I’m completely on-board with.

Heyman also chimed in on the two Cincinnati outfielders who have been in multiple trade rumors, noting that both Adam Duvall and Billy Hamilton have been the subject of multiple inquiries. Of note here, though, is that the Atlanta Braves were singled out as one of Duvall’s suitors, since they aren’t a team that’s been directly connected to the LF slugger. Of course, that’d be much more of an interesting idea had the Atlanta farm system not been recently gutted due to the sanctions issued during their front office fiasco.

As for Hamilton, The Enquirer’s Zach Buchanan had an update on San Francisco’s pursuit of the CF.

That’s not entirely surprising, really. The Giants certainly have a need for vastly improved CF defense, but they’ve also got a very thin, very top-heavy farm system. If the Reds and Giants weren’t on the same page with one of the two-three legitimate prospects in San Francisco’s system, I can see how finding quality value instead of quantity value for Billy reached a quick impasse.

Beyond that, there really hasn’t been much at all beyond the in-house status quo, though tomorrow’s Rule 5 Draft might well change things. The Reds hold the 5th pick and currently have a pair of open spots on their 40-man roster, so there’s certainly a chance they’ll make at least one selection. You’ll remember that’s how they picked up Stuart Turner this time a year ago.

Just keep in mind there are still months and months of offseason left for the Reds to do something, anything to help their climb out of the NL Central basement.