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Welcome to we love Joey Votto week!

Join us for a celebration of one of the best players in the game.

MLB: Pittsburgh Pirates at Cincinnati Reds David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

Red Reporter readers,

The last few seasons haven’t been the best for Reds fans. Since 2014, Cincinnati has lost a combined 278 games...and that is a lot of losing. We’ve watched fan favorites get traded, and opposing teams hit home runs at record rates. It’s possible you’ve asked yourself at least once over the past few years, “Why am I doing this to myself?”

Yes, there have been plenty of reasons to be disappointed lately. Yet we shouldn’t allow that to blind us to the good things we do have. People can be so focused on the promise of the future that they forget to enjoy the simple pleasures of the present.

Regardless of wins and losses on the field, there is at least one thing that should bring Reds fans joy. Whenever you watch the Reds play baseball you’re getting the opportunity to watch one of the greatest hitters on the planet.

Welcome to “We Love Joey Votto week!”

It’s come to our attention that there are some members of the Reds community who don’t adequately appreciate our Canadian treasure. No one in particular. Just...people. If there’s one thing Red Reporter is known for, it’s never shying away from a fight (that’s what were known for right?).

Joey Votto, we are here to defend your honor.

So for the next week, we will stand on the highest building (or sit in our mom’s basement) and loudly proclaim, “WE LOVE YOU JOEY VOTTO!”

  • We’ll give you specific reasons why we love Joey Votto.
  • We’ll try to help some understand why his contract isn’t a bad contract.
  • We’ll make a case for his inclusion in the Hall of Fame.
  • We’ll give you some of our favorite Joey Votto memories.
  • Your mind will be filled up with Joey Votto fun facts.
  • We’ll try Canadian cuisine.

If you love Joey Votto content, then Red Reporter is the place to be this week. Join us as we take a few days to raise our glasses to one of the best to play the game. I will kick off this week with one of my favorite Votto moments.

That’s right...that homer was on a 3-0 count.