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JPEG of the Year Tournament: match 3

Murder Death Angels vs Schebler's Walk Off

picture courtesy of me, you idiots

Rollin' along, folks. Here we have Murder Death Angels vs Schebler's Walk Off. I kinda dig the symmetry here, as one has to be considered a real low point of the season and the other one of the few high points. In one, the Angels' rotation chopped up the Reds' lineup into tiny little itty bitty pieces, even though they were one of the suckiest bunches out there. Conversely, the other celebrates Scott Schebler's inauguration after the Jay Bruce trade, a game against the Cardinals in which he blasted a three-run walk-off home run.

Or maybe y'all can never resist me drawing Yadi Molina as a toilet. Ol' Flush Deluxe will never get old, I guess.