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Sickels drops Reds Top 20

Usual suspects are above the Hit Shed

Cincinnati Reds Photo Day Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

John Sickels published his Reds Top 20 Prospects list this afternoon, and you can read the whole thing here.

There are few surprises. The Reds have a depth-heavy system with few true stars. Sickels rates Senzel a B+/A- sort of guy. Amir Garrett and Jesse Winker follow him with B+ grades.

The biggest shock, for me, is that Shed Long is at #5, above Cody Reed and Vlad Gutierrez among others. According to the prospect maven, Shed has 70 speed and “there’s impressive offensive ceiling here that should not be under-estimated.”

The plus-plus sneaker tool and impressive scowl may not have made it into Sickels’ system.

Check out the whole list and comment on it while Sickels is taking questions. But my big takeaway is that this Google Image Search may look a whole lot different in the next couple of years.

Alphabet, I guess?