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JPEG of the Year: match 6

Jake Scarrieta vs Ol' Hoss saddles up

picture courtesy of me, you idiots

Today's match will wrap up our first round of this here thing. That's right: we aren't even close to the end. This offseason feels like a really long one, so this is how I have chosen to pass the time. Many apologies for subjecting you to my feckless self-aggrandizement.

We have Jake Scarrieta against Ol' Hoss saddles up. It was kind of a long time ago and we had every reason to completely forget about it, but Jake Arrieta no-hit these Reds back in April. The season kinda got better from there, but hoo wee that was a low point.

Speaking of hoo wee, Ol' Hoss saddles up's western pastiche and fun cowboy write-up won your hearts the week before. It beat out Bryan Price was handcuffed, which was a favorite of mine among the non-winners.