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Cincinnati Reds MVP Votes Quiz

It’s Friday. Let’s party.

No, he's not one of them.
No, he's not one of them.
Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

The future of the Cincinnati Reds looks somewhat bright, albeit when viewed through a lens that doesn’t exactly put a timestamp on when those good days will actually arrive. The present of the Cincinnati Reds, however, is mired in a bit of mundanity, with no current stories being seared into your brain, no records of note being chased, and little more left in 2016 that looks like it will teach us, or the front office, more than what we’ve seen to date.

With that in mind and a keyboard just itching to be typed upon, it’s time we looked to the past history of the Reds for some fun.

We looked at the recent dingerrific seasons produced by the Reds in a position by position breakdown just a few weeks back, but today we’ll dig through the 42 instances in which a Reds player has received an MVP vote since that beautiful, wire-to-wire year of 1990.  Some names are obvious, some less so, but it's perfectly within the realm of expectations that you'll ace this dang thing as a perfect prelude to cracking a beer and enjoying this upcoming wonderful weather weekend.

So, here ya go:

Can you name the Reds players who have received MVP votes since 1990?