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picture courtesy of me, you idiots

This Week in JPEGs is brought to you by the pain and emptiness I feel watching Jay Bruce come back to Cincinnati as a member of the Mets. I was gonna draw a picture of him this week, but it’s all still too raw. I know time heals all wounds, but I'm really afraid this winter is gonna be colder and longer and darker than any before it.

Bleh, enough of all that sad junk. Here are some funny pictures tangentially related to Reds baseball.

Jose "The Piranha" Peraza

When Jose Peraza first came up with the Reds, he did a whole lot of sittin’. But this time around, he has forced himself into the regular lineup, whether infield or outfield. And he has chewed up National League pitching all the while, going around all fast-like and bitey and there’s like blood everywhere and everything. Also he’s from South America.

El Burro Fuerte es Muy Bueno

The Strong Donkey has left hoof prints all over the league this year. He’s the first Reds left fielder to hit 30 home runs in a season since another equine Adam Du. He also made the All-Star team, remember. So here’s to the Strong Donkey. Someone give him a carrot or an apple or something.

RR Meets RLN

Last weekend, as you may have heard, Red Reporter and Redleg Nation got together for a landmark summit of the bloggerati. We met with Nick Krall and Sam Grossman of the Reds’ front office (Hi, fellas!) and took in a great ballgame from the sun deck in right field. I know I had a tremendous time, and I’m pretty sure most everyone else did, too. It was great seeing everyone, and I hope to see you all again next year, too!