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This Week in JPEGs

Welcome back to This Week in JPEGs. This week on This Week in JPEGs, there will be JPEGs.

picture courtesy of me, you idiots

This Week in JPEGs is sponsored in part by small mammals. They are cute, usually. This Week in JPEGs is also sponsored by picture frames. Usually, it’s cute when a small mammal is gnawing on the edge of a picture frame. Usually.

Last week on This Week in JPEGs, you voted for The Piranha Has Wheels as your This Week in JPEGs JPEG of the Week. Are you still reading?


Earlier this week, I wrote a bit about the possibility of both Rasiel Iglesias and Michael Lorenzen becoming old-fashioned bullpen firemen. So here is a picture of them as literal actual firemen.

Bear Attack

This season, the Reds are 3-13 against the world-leading Cubs. The Cubs are pretty much the best team in baseball this season and though the Reds aren’t exactly the worst, they’re probably like fourth-worst. So here is a picture of some bears mauling some Reds’ baseball players and there’s blood pretty much all over the place.

The Scream

There is only one full week of baseball left this season for the Reds. This kinda hit me all of the sudden. While I have stayed up to date with the season pretty well, I have watched or listened to far fewer games than I had in recent years. There’s a number of reasons for that, but I still really regret not seeing as much Joey Votto as possible this summer. And then I look forward and despair the winter is fast approaching and it will be a long one. Between regret and despair, I scream into the nothingness.