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This Week in JPEGs

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picture courtesy of me, you idiots

Road Trip

The Reds went on a road trip this week, heading west to play the Arizona Diamondbacks and the LA Angels of Anaheim. It could have been worse, I guess, though I don’t really wanna dwell on just how. The Reds lost five of six and were outscored 31 – 22. That doesn’t look bad, I guess, but in the five games they lost, they lost 31 – 9. They won that one in Arizona 13 – 0, which was tons of fun. But otherwise, this trip out west was lots of no fun.

So I figured I’d lead off this issue on a positive note. Here’s Joey Votto and Brandon Phillips riding motorcycles together.

Chilly Billy

One reason the trip was so awful was that Billy Hamilton was ice cold. He came to the plate 29 times and scratched out just five singles. It’s like someone played a cruel college prank on him and made him sleep in a mini fridge.

Murder Death Angels

The Angels’ starting rotation, that vaunted crew, that killer corps, unceremoniously executed the Reds’ lineup in that series. Matt “Don’t Skip It” Shoemaker, the desiccated larval shell of Jered Weaver, and eight years beyond his expiration date Ricky Nolasco combined to throw 22.1 innings (of a total of 27, mind you) and only surrendered four runs. It was a bloodbath out there. The Lord’s will be done.