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This Week in JPEGs

Baseball cartoons

picture courtesy of me, you idiots

Last week's winner was RR Meets RLN. This is totally unsurprising. Few concepts around here garner such broad support as navel-gazing and doggin' on other blogholes. That said, I think the art vindicates itself. I spent a lot of time trying to get that Firebird like I like.

Apologies up front, but there are only two JPEGs for you this week instead of our customary three. If it really upsets you, send us an email at

The Piranha Has Wheels

Wednesday’s series-capper against the Brewers was a big fat sloppy dud for the Reds. After winning the first two games of the series, they got shut the F down by cute lil baby guy Junior Guerra. One of the few highlights of the game was Jose Peraza’s triple in the third inning.

The Brewers’ outfielders were playing Peraza really shallow, so when he poked a decent line drive in the RCF gap, it rolled all the way to the wall. The young fella is superfast so he easily got three bases out of it.

Count Bloodwood

Blake Wood was the only major-league free agent the Reds signed this past winter. He has been one of the most undying members of the bullpen, even through the darkest times early in the season when they were bleeding runs every night. He doesn’t engender the same sanguine reactions from the crowd that Rasiel Iglesias and Michael Lorenzen do, but time and again he has been able to drive a stake into the heart of an opponent’s late-inning rally.

Also, those are fangs hanging out over his glove.