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Cincinnati Reds Dinger Quiz

Because off-days should be spent thinking about dingers.

There will be no Cincinnati Reds baseball today, largely because the Vanderbilt Commodores are set to play godawful ugly football against the South Carolina Gamecocks and the ghost of Ol’ Ball Coach Steve Spurrier, or so I’ve been told.

That’s not to say you cannot be thinking about Cincinnati Reds baseball, however. With that in mind, here’s a quiz created by Red Reporter’s former fearless leader, Joel Luckhaupt, asking you to recall the greatest dinger-honkers of the last 45 years categorized by the position they played whilst honking.

I’m not sure when this was last updated, but it’s seemingly relevant. At least, relevant enough to anyone who’s still thinking about Cincinnati Reds baseball in September of a 2016 season that’s been one for the toilet. Guess away, blame Joel for any discrepancy, and enjoy!

Cincinnati Reds - Most HR by position since 1970 Quiz