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This Week in JPEGs

This Week in JPEGs is sponsored in part by all of the podcasts that are sponsored by Nature Box.

picture courtesy of me, you idiots


This was actually from last week, but myeh. It is a real joy to watch Billy Hamilton run the bases, especially against the Cardinals. Yadi Molina is considered by many (idiots) to be the best catcher of his generation, but Billy has succeeded 20 times out of 22 attempts against him. Billy ooooowwwwnnnnnnsssss Yadi. And, oh man, I … I just loooooooove it. I fucking love it.

Brandon Phillips, Eternity, Immortality, and Infinity

It was about a year ago that I penned a public apology to Brandon Phillips for my long-lasting obstinate refusal to give him the credit he deserved. He has been pretty much the same player for almost a decade now. While middle infielders have traditionally aged like milk, he has aged like honey. He’s pretty good, and he has always been pretty good and he’ll probably stay pretty good for the rest of existence.

Joey and Ichiro in: PIZZA PARTY

Before Thursday’s finale against the Marlins, Joey Votto ordered 51 pizzas from the California Pizza Kitchen and had them delivered to Ichiro’s locker in the visiting clubhouse. TOO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!! So here’s a picture of them having a pizza party.