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Cincinnati Reds links - Proof that Billy Hamilton is the fastest man in baseball

Tuesday links!

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Anyone who has ever seen Billy Hamilton take off in full sprint knows that he's faster than any human being probably should be.  But in the game of baseball, there are rarely - if ever - situations in which one player in full sprint is racing against another doing the same, since instead players are running against the speed of a ball that's been thrown. In the spirit of Olympic track & field, I suppose,'s Andrew Simon took a thorough look through Statcast data to determine whether Billy was, in fact, the fastest man in the game of baseball and came to this revelation:

Of course Billy Hamilton is the fastest man in baseball.

Simon's research wasn't just isolated to one metric, either, as he broke down each and every way that Billy is, and has been faster than his peers.  Frankly, it's obvious, but in a weird paradoxical way it's also mesmerizing to see it spelled out in such a measured way.  His speed got him to the big leagues and got him opportunities time and time again before his bat had a chance to mature, and the returns of late suggest the Reds' patience was ever so worthwhile, as Billy has run roughshod over, around, and from his competition this second half of the season. And, he's done so in every way possible.

Speaking of Hamilton, he's pretty banged up and sore after hitting the CF wall Monday night and having to check out of the game early, as Mark Sheldon noted at  It doesn't sound as if he's too hurt, however, but I'd be surprised to see him in the starting lineup on Tuesday night as they give him a chance to heal a bit.

In other news, Doug Gray recapped his trip through Florida from the end of July over at Redleg Nation, detailing the best performers from the Pensacola and Daytona corners of the Cincinnati Reds farm.  As he mentions, Aristides Aquino has been on an absolute tear, and as of today owns a powerful .278/.330/.529 line in a Florida State League that is certainly not known as favoring hitters.  His 20 dingers rank 2nd in the league - as do his 70 ribbies, if you're into that sort of thing - and his .859 OPS sits behind only Christin Stewart for the league lead.  Stewart, if you don't remember, was a 1st round pick by the Detroit Tigers in 2015 from the University of Tennessee, the same alma mater as 2016 Reds 1st rounder Nick Senzel.  It seems that recent Tennessee prospects have been panning out quite well of late, at least at the A-ball levels.

Gray had a few more notes on Aquino at, too.

Joey Votto's absurdly good baseballing has all of us taking notice, and The Enquirer's C. Trent Rosecrans looked at whether his blazing hot second half is anywhere close to being sustainable.  Votto is the Kublai Khan of the modern baseball statistics world, so I will never question his ability to extend his domination to reaches that once seemed unattainable.

August Fagerstrom explored the conundrum facing the Reds and Raisel Iglesias, breaking down many of the finer points of the starter/reliever decision they face that we detailed at the end of last week.  It seems we've both reached the same conclusion, which is that a move to the bullpen for any reason other than his current and long-term health is a waste, but if his shoulder cannot handle the rigorous load of being a starter, a bird in the bullpen is worth two on the DL.

Lefty Ismael Guillon was named Florida State League Pitcher of the Week on Tuesday thanks to a pair of sparkling performances for the Tortugas.  Guillon, 24, missed the entire 2015 season, but he's been almost unhittable since returning to the mound this season, as his 0.93 WHIP and 11.1 K/9 in 85.1 IP emphasizes.  Congrats, Ismael!

Finally, Michael Lorenzen was placed on the bereavement list today, and the Reds have recalled Tim Adleman to replace him on the 25-man roster for the time being.  Dang.  All the best, Michael.