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The First Annual Redleg Nation/Red Reporter Meetup

MLB: Seattle Mariners at Cincinnati Reds
hopefully this guy will not be pitching
David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

You read that right.

We’re getting together with our friends from Redleg Nation for a blog-friendly nerdery summit. It’ll be another chance for all of us to get together again at the ballpark (I haven’t seen most of you fools since April), and a chance to hang and drink beers with your favorite writers from both places.

Still plenty of details to be worked out, but format-wise, it’s likely that it’ll work a lot like our Game 2 outings have. The only thing I need from you today is a head count if you can go. The game we’re going to is the day game on Saturday, September 3. It’s a 4PM start. A few of the things we’re working out are pre- and post-game meetings, and those will likely be part of the day, but for now, I need a head count for tickets.

We’ll probably end up sitting in our usual seats in the sun/moon deck, so expect those to end up costing between $20-25 a ticket.

As I said, more details are forthcoming, but if you want to go, let me know how many tickets you need in the comments. We’re going to be taking RSVPs until noon ET on Friday, August 19.

Questions? Ask in the comments and I’ll do my best to try and answer them for you.