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Jose Fernandez doesn't lose in Miami. Reds do, 3-1

They had a couple of opportunities, but Fernandez lives up to the billing at Marlins Park.

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Before we get to our normal festivities in this spot, I want to take a moment to send, from everyone here at Red Reporter, our deepest condolences to those that lost friends and loved ones during the various tragedies that occurred earlier this week. What started with incidents that seem to happen entirely too often ended with a completely unthinkable, senseless slaying of those just trying to do their jobs. Watching the events unfold last night, I sat stunned and saddened, completely numb with no words.

There are no answers for all of the questions I have. It's just my sincerest belief that we, all of us collectively, are better than what's unfolded over the course of the last couple of days. And that the anger that grips this country over the various social issues currently bubbling at the surface will give way to cooler heads and smarter solutions. Specifically, solutions that don't immediately have us reaching for a gun.

Today, we get to escape for a while with Reds baseball. In the same vein that Eric touched on just a few weeks ago, even in a lost season, that's sure as shit a lot better than what we watched unfold on our television sets last night.

Be safe out there, Red Reporters.

The Joe Nuxhall Memorial Honorary Star of the Game

Near the eve of the All Star break and the Home Run Derby, I think it's poignant to give this trophy to the only player to bat in a run in this one, Adam DuvALLSTAR.

It has been an absolutely incredible first half for the Reds starting left fielder. Honestly, it's been one for the story book, as he was a throw-in in the trade that brought him here and ultimately written off as a platoon player when he made the team. Instead, he seized a job as an indispensable part of the outfield, and mashed more than most in the league, including an RBI single tonight that he ultimately turned into a double with some nimble sliding.

He probably won't continue to slug like this (don't take this as an opportunity to check out his stats the last couple of weeks), but, in this moment... who cares? As a fan of a team in another lost season, you need stories like this. It's certainly possible that Duvall writes another chapter on Monday night. It won't mean as much as Todd Frazier's "One for the Ages" Home Run Derby, because it's not in the Queen City.

But damnit, it's gonna be fun.

Honorable mention to: Dan Straily, who worked around some tough luck and a couple of mistakes to allow only three runs to a pretty potent Miami Marlins lineup. The bullpen (Blake Wood and Ross Ohlendorf) who were great keeping the Reds in this one late, Tucker Barnhart for his two hits, both timely, even though the Reds couldn't do anything else with them, and Billy Hamilton, for being got dang Billy Hamilton.

Key Plays

  • After J. T. Realmudo sent Jay Bruce to the warning track for a long, loud out, Marin Prado sliced one in Bruce's direction that he couldn't get to, doubling in the bottom of the first inning. Christian Yelich immediately scored him with a bloop double to left. Dan Straily induced a popup out of Giancarlo Stanton and a strike out to Marcell Ozuna to end the inning. Marlins take the quick lead after one, 1-0.
  • Billy Hamilton led off the top of the third with a sharp grounder to right field. He advanced to second on what was ruled an error on Stanton, but despite a bit of a bobble, that looked a lot like #SpeedKills to me. Joey Votto and Bruce produced outs before Adam DuvALLSTAR poked a line drive to Yelich in left, who also flubbed it. Duvall should've been dead to rights at second, but Marlin 2B Derek Dietrich didn't pick it particularly clean, and Duvall Matrixed his way to the base. Unfortunately, it didn't work a second time, as Duvall tried to score on a Brandon Phillips sharp grounder to Dietrich, but was gunned down fairly easily to end the inning. Reds tie the game, 1-1.
  • Dietrich got revenge in the bottom of the frame. After consecutive walks by Straily to Yelich and Stanton (and a fly out by Ozuna), Dietrich walloped an oppo live drive single to score Yelich. Straily induced a groundball inning ending double play from Don Kelly, but the Marlins retook the lead, 2-1.
  • In the bottom of the sixth with one out, Yelich blasted a solo tater to straight away center to add to the Marlins lead. Strong person Giancarlo Stanton absolutely blistered a double that got to the outfield wall faster than most doubles you'll see. Ozuna flied out, sending Stanton to third, but Dietrich grounded out to end the frame. Marlins, 3-1.
  • The Reds would go silently into the night, despite having the meat of the order up down only two in the top of the 9th against AJ Ramos. Reds lose, 3-1.

Tony Graphanino

Source: FanGraphs

Other Notes

  • Things learned from Fox Sports Ohio: Media Relations manager Rob Butcher is apparently a very avid runner, who since taking his post as Reds media head honcho, has ran the equivalent of halfway around the world. Pretty cool. Also: Rob's birthday today. Happy birthday, Rob.
  • Our friends at Redleg Nation have a super scientific, very important Twitter poll you need to vote in right now.
  • Billy Hamilton did Billy things in the bottom of the 5th, covering unrealistic amounts of ground for normal humans to catch a Adeiny Hechavarria fly ball jumping at the wall, jamming his knee up against the digital scoreboard in center in the process. He took plenty of time to walk the play off, and never looked particularly comfortable in the meantime. The play was unbelievable, but it's very likely that Billy is going to kill himself out there.
  • Chris Welsh insinuated on the broadcast that, in general, you don't see both of the top Reds executives at the ballpark on a given night away from Cincinnati. Walt Jocketty and Dick Williams are both in Miami this weekend. Could something be between the two teams?
  • The Reds and Marlins will suit again tomorrow in South Florida for a 4:10pm EDT affair. John Lamb will take the bump for the Good Guys, opposite Adam Conley. You can tune into Red Reporter for all of the pertinent shenanigans.
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