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This Week in JPEGs

JPEGs o’ the Week

Photo courtesy of me, you idiots

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This week for This Week in JPEGs, the theme is "I don’t like this. Like, at all." Quite a bit of unpleasant and disagreeable stuff happened in Redsland this week, so prepare yourself to revisit some unpleasant and disagreeable stuff.

Pete Rose, sHit King

Last weekend, the Reds put on a big production in honor of False Idol Pete Rose. He was inducted into the team Hall of Fame and his #14 was retired.

The most enduring and insufferable story in Reds baseball revolves around Pete and whether or not he should be in Cooperstown. Anyone who reads this space has heard both sides a million times and I have no desire whatsoever to rehash it. The whole conversation seems ridiculous to me.

I think what everyone takes for granted when engaging in this debate is that Pete Rose is –and always has been – a self-centered, small-minded creep. Why does anyone care at all about this guy? Sure, he was a great ballplayer, but everything else he has done in his life is completely indefensible. He is a shiteater. Go eat shit, Pete Rose, and stop stealing the spotlight from my favorite baseball team.

Kris "Bear" Bryant

Whether we all like it or not, the Cubs are a really good baseball team this year. And they will likely be so for some time to come, due in large part to their young third baseman Kris Bryant. Par example – on Monday, he crush three home runs and two doubles, becoming the first hitter to do so in like a hundred years or something. He is a monster. I don’t like this. Like, at all. AT. ALL.

The Unpleasant Demise of Young JJ Hoover

I had a whole thing about that 15 inning marathon and the disaster of JJ Hoover but then I just drew a stegosaurus instead. This week was bad enough already.