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Reds feeling okey dokey, draft Clemson catcher Chris Okey at number 43 overall in the 2016 MLB Draft

Well this last name is going to be fun.

This is a picture from high school, I'm pretty sure.
This is a picture from high school, I'm pretty sure.
Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

With the 43rd pick in the 2016 MLB Draft, the Cincinnati Reds selected Clemson catcher Chris Okey. It is the third position player they've selected in the draft.

The junior put up very solid numbers at Clemson this season, slashing .330/.450/.577 with 44 walks and 50 strikeouts in 227 at-bats. He's improved steadily over his college career, and was actually seen as a decent pick out of high school, though signability issues pushed him to the 31st round.

The always great John Sickels took a look at Okey just last week:

Overall scouting reports on Okey sound more like he's an okay player rather than a future star. That is true to a certain extent, however Okey doesn't have any serious weaknesses poised to drag his game down, either, and that is a key positive for his future. The general consensus is that Okey can hit .250 with some power and a decent OBP while providing solid defense. He's also proven he can hold up to the rigors of regular catching without loss of offensive production.

More like Okey player, am I right, John?

Bad puns aside, the Reds seem to have done well early in this draft. It's interesting that the Reds decided to choose a catcher here that's absolutely sticking at catcher in the major leagues, considering they took a high school catcher at number 11 in last year's draft. Okey could possibly be ready, earlier.

It's not like having too many catchers in your system is a bad thing, by any means. Just interesting.

The Reds next pick will be number 79, and you can keep up with all the coverage right here at Red Reporter dot com.