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Pete Rose Inducted, Padres Beat Our Redlegs 3-0

Pete Rose was inducted into the Hall of Fame today. No, not THAT hall of fame.

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

The Joe Nuxhall Memorial Honorary Pete Rose of the Game

Well, nobody really did anything notable tonight. I guess Ohlendorf didn't give up a run. You know, why not just give it to Peter Edward Rose, he deserves it. I'm proud of you for being yourself Pete, keep up the good work.

Key Plays:

  • Pete Rose inducted into Reds Hall of Fame.
  • Brandon Finnegan was hit by an umpire, no, really.
  • Matt Kemp drove in a run early, Reds trailed 1-0, and never came close again.
  • The Reds collected just 4 hits today, and its difficult to win baseball games with 4 hits.
  • Pete Rose probably would have had 4 hits on his own.
  • Pete Rose was inducted into the Reds Hall of Fame.
  • Pete Rose said something about Chili dogs.
  • Brandon Finnegan gave up a home run to another pitcher, Drew Pomeranz, making it 2-0, Padres.
  • Finny finally ran out of gas, giving up another RBI to Pomeranz, at which point he was pulled for Ross Ohlendorf.
  • Ohlendorf promptly walked the first batter he faced, but got out of a bases loaded jam on the next batter.
  • Moving into the 8th, Jay Bruce had an opportunity to make it a runner on first with one out but NOPE.
  • Bruce immediately redeemed himself, two batters later, with an absolute bullet to nab the runner at the plate, completing an inning ending double play.
  • The Reds went down in order in the 9th to Fernando Rodney who I am pretty sure is 87 years old.
  • Would you like to watch 40 minutes of Pete Rose? Here you go.
    Game Win Probability / Pete Rose National Hall of Fame Chances graph
    Source: FanGraphs
      Other Notes:
  • Brandon Finnegan pitched pretty well to non-pitchers, finishing with 5 hits and 8 punchouts.
  • The Padres bullpen has pitched the most innings of any team in Major League Baseball, and they are equally as bad as our Redlegs.
  • Pete Rose.
  • Reds fall to 28-47.
  • That's really bad.
  • "Tunes"