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Farmers Only: Peraza Bonanza

He's playing pretty well.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports
Louisville 3, Toledo 8

Bob Steve was Bad Steve in this Wednesday night extravaganza.  Though, I heard rumblings that he had a cut on his finger.  Dude, if there is something wrong if your hand, and you can't grip your pitches, tell someone.  Bad Steve pitched 4.1 innings while giving up 6 runs, 5 earned, with 8 hits, 4 walks, 4 strike outs, and a dinger allowed.  Drew "Bailing" Hayes pitched 1.2 scoreless with 2 K's, and Jumbo "Red Beans and Rice" Diaz pitched a scoreless inning with a strikeout.  I'm not about to look up how many innings Diaz has pitched at AAA, but he hasn't surrendered a run. Jose "Pizza" Peraza was 4 for 5 with a run scored, a double, and a RBI.  Jesse Winker also winked out a 2 for 3 night with a double, 2 RBI, and a walk.  Carlos "Tinfoil" Truinfel helped out by going 3 for 5 with a run scored.

Keyvius Sampson pitches tonight at 7:05 PM EST.

Pensacola 3, Mobile 7

Sal Romano was sloppy in this outing.  He pitched 5 innings while allowing 9 hits, 6 runs, 4 earned, 1 walk, and struck out 4.  He also allowed a dinger. El'Hagg "Praise Be To" Muhammad tossed two scoreless in relief.  Sebastian "Lizard People" Elizalde wasn't messin' around with a 3 for 4 night.  He's hitting .326 on the season and is always someone to pay attention to.  Brandon "Mason" Dixon continued to show a hot bat with a 2 for 4 night with a RBI.  The Wahoos ballyhooed a poor defense with three errors.

Mystery Pitcher is on the mound at 6:35 PM CT

Daytona 1, Dunedin 6

Seth Varner certainly wasn't missing bats on this night.  He pitched 5 innings while giving up 10 hits, 4 earned runs, with 1 walk, and 3 strikeouts.  He's still sitting with a tidy 3.28 ERA on the season.  Alex "Light Tower" Powers pitched a scoreless 1.1 innings.  Blake "Billy" Butler continued to be pretty good with a 2 for 4 night with a double and a RBI.  Chad "Bankrupt" Tromp was 2 for 4 with a run scored and a double.

The Tortugas have the night off.  Mystery Pitcher toes the rubber on Friday at 7:05 PM EST.

Dayton 0, Lansing 6

Austin "Orwellian" Orewiler ran into some trouble in the first inning, but he did pretty well for himself outside of that.  Orewiler gave up 4 earned runs in the fifth inning, but his overall line wasn't atrocious.  Mostly, I'm giving him credit for pitching 7 innings.  Orewiler pitched 7 IP, 8 H, 5 ER, 3 BB, and 3 K. Jeremy "Bike Trick" Kivel pitched a scoreless inning with a hit, walk, and 2 strikeouts. Zack Shields was 2 for 4 and that's about all she wrote for this one.

Jacob Constante pitches tonight at 7:00 PM EST.