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This Week in JPEGs

The Super 70s

picture courtesy of me, you idiots

Last week’s winner was Joey Votto’s Awe-Inspiring Hands.

This week, our theme is The Super 70s.

No real preface this time. Let’s just get on with it.

The New Hit King

The entirety of baseball internet was heaving over the landmark accomplishment of the Indomitable Ichiro. On Wednesday, he smacked his 4,257th professional base hit, making him the new and undisputed Hit King. Pete Rose, who was a superstar way back in the 1970s and has only seen his acclaim appreciate in his old age, was graceful and elegant in his passing of the crown. What a gentleman, that Pete Rose.

Apollo CReed

Saturday is a big day for the Reds. Hot shot pitching prospect Cody Reed will make his major league debut. He is one of the most critical cogs in this Reds reboot, so his successful transition from "hot shot pitching prospect" to "good major league starter" could go a long way to making this team respectable again.

So I punned his name with some imagery from one of the top films of the 70s.

Disco’s Back, Baby

Anthony DeSclafani finally made his season debut this week. Up until the very end of Spring Training, he was slated to be the Opening Day starter and was anticipated to be a stalwart anchor. Unfortunately, a nagging injury postponed all that until just recently. But now, it’s time to vibe, baby! Disco’s back!