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Injury Report 5/21 - Will the Starters Get Healthy?

Homer Bailey has setbacks, DeSclafani now overcoming setbacks, Lamb dealing with setbacks(?), Moscot almost ready to go (unless last rehab outing was a setback), Iglesias slow and steady - probably caution due to all the setbacks.

Whenever we see this again, it won't be soon enough
Whenever we see this again, it won't be soon enough
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Reds Injuries

Sigh.  It's like 2014 will never end for the Reds.  A May return definitely was too optimistic for Homer Bailey.  After feeling pain in his elbow in a rehab start, he was transferred to the 60-day DL and his rehab was slowed.  Bailey will not go on another rehab start until early or mid-June, starting over on stamina buildup.  Post-All-Star Game is still looking like the realistic timeframe for Bailey's return.

Bailey's setbacks are more bad news for a Reds rotation that has been getting bad injury news all season long.  Jon Moscot has been sidelined since April 27 with shoulder inflammation, though he may take his next turn in the rotation in place of Tim Adleman.  Adleman was removed from his last start (5/19) with a strained oblique and is now on the 15-day DL.

Raisel Iglesias was injured two days after Moscot, diagnosed with shoulder impingement.  Impingement can be a very difficult condition to manage, just to add intrigue to the fact that it's a shoulder injury.  The Reds are being cautious with Raisel's rehab.

John Lamb had a start skipped after suffering a thumb injury while batting on May 8.  He returned to the mound on May 16 but had a poor start, looking out of sorts and uncomfortable for most of the game.  He denied that it had to do with lingering effects from the thumb injury, however.  Decide for yourself whether that qualifies as good news.  That was only his second start after returning from offseason back surgery, as well.

Tim Melville was also placed on the 7-day DL at Louisville on May 13.  Just to remove another fill-in option (which has been tried a few times earlier this season) should either Moscot or Lamb (or someone else) realize they are unable to go for their next turn in the rotation.  Oh, in the good news department, Anthony DeSclafani has been progressing in his rehab starts after his initial setback, and is optimistic that he is not far away from a return.

Player Level Injury Injury date Return date Days missed (Avg for injury)
Bailey, Homer MLB Tommy John surgery 4/24/2015
DeSclafani, Anthony MLB Strained oblique ST 2016
48 (32)
Moscot, Jon MLB Left shoulder inflammation 4/27/2016
24 (42)
Iglesias, Raisel MLB Shoulder impingement 4/29/2016
22 (56)
Lamb, John MLB Sprained thumb 5/8/2016 5/16/2016 7 (39)
Adelman, Tim MLB Strained oblique 5/19/2016
2 (32)
Melville, Tim AAA

Minor Leagues

Player Level Injury Injury date Return date Days missed (Avg for injury)
Cisnero, Jose AA 6/15/2015 5/3/2016 111
Bueno, Ronald A+ ST 2016 5/15/2016 39
Becker, Nolan A+ ST 2016 5/13/2016 37
LaValley, Gavin A+ ST 2016 5/13/2016 37
Pickens, Jimmy A+ ST 2016 4/28/2016 22
Mitchell, Evan A+ 4/20/2016 4/30/2016 10
Rainey, Tanner A- 4/23/2016 5/7/2016 14
Strahan, Wyatt A+ 4/27/2016
Stephenson, Tyler A- Concussion 4/24/2016 5/10/2016 15(16)
Gumbs, Angelo A+ Sprained finger 4/30/2016 5/13/2016 13 (33)
Paulsen, Jake A+ Right shoulder inflammation 5/1/2016 20 (34)
Elizalde, Sebastian AA Strained oblique 5/6/2016 15 (24)
Amaral, Beau AA 5/10/2016
Crook, Narciso A- 5/11/2016
Davis, Rookie AA 5/12/2016

Tyler Stephenson missed 15 days with a concussion.  Encouragingly, he has been playing much better since returning than he did to begin the season.

Jose Cisnero finally returned to the diamond on May 3 after missing the last half of last season.  The catch: Cisnero plays in the Mexican league now.  Still, that is good news.  The only other particularly interesting note from the minor leagues is that Jimmy Pickens returned on April 28, but only got a two-week audition before being released from the Reds organization on May 13.

You can check Reds injuries by clicking on this link.