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Reds place Devin Mesoraco on DL with torn labrum in shoulder

The hits just keep on coming.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

In his career with the Cincinnati Reds, Devin Mesoraco has fought through injuries to his hamstring, groin, and hip, the latter of which required one season-ending surgery for him.  He's also fought concussion issues, which absolutely should not be discounted.

We found out just before Monday's game against the San Francisco Giants that Mes is now dealing with another major injury, a torn labrum in his left shoulder that required the Reds to place him on the 15-day DL.

What's there to say, at this point?

It's likely that this injury will shut him down for the majority of the remainder of the 2016 season, if not for good this year, as The Enquirer's Zach Buchanan mentioned earlier on Twitter.  It's a similar timeline to the one Mes faced just last year with his hip injury, and in a season that may well be destined for a another loss-column sum approaching 100, the concept of rushing back a guy in whom the team invested nearly $30 million guaranteed seems like a proposition worth backing away from quickly.

There was a time that extension seemed prudent, as Mesoraco finally lived up to his lofty prospect status in 2014 with a 25 dinger, 147 OPS+ season that saw him appear in the All Star Game and receive down-ballot MVP votes.  Now, however, there's a very real chance he'll wrap his second consecutive season without having hit a single dinger, and the 2 years and $20.45 million left on his contract now seem like a scene you'd like to fast-forward through.

This now means that of the 10 Reds currently making $800,000 or more in 2016, all but Zack Cozart are either posting negative WAR seasons, on the DL, or both.  And Cozart, of course, is currently day-to-day with knee tendonitis.

Dear baseball gods - throw the Reds a frickin' bone, please.