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Joey Votto's Number 1 Fan Will Haunt You Forever


Cory Miller - Youtube

Reds fan Cory Miller was peacefully attending a Reds-Rockies game this past week, enjoying a nice day at the ballpark when all of the sud- JOEY VOTTOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

This young lady, whom Cory says he has never seen before, was otherwise quiet except for when JDV came up to bat.


When asked about the experience Cory said, "So the first time she did it I thought, "Wow she has a very noticeable voice" and judging from the attendance there that evening I feel JDV heard her every time. The second and third time it started to get a bit old.  Then the fourth time we couldn't stop laughing.  She is a dedicated fan and I wish I had her passion for the game and for JDV.  I first put the videos on my snapchat and thought, this would be a pretty funny video.  I am not the best editing person so I gave it my best and came up with the final product."


h/t Deadspin