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Joey Votto is trying to teach us something - and we should listen

The new Joey Votto is all about fun - I think I like it.

Joey Votto is known around the league as an incredibly serious and stone faced individual who is all business. This perception isn't necessarily wrong, but over the last 2 weeks we have seen a whole new side of JDV that we have never seen before.


Where has this man been? The last time we saw Joey truly cut loose was during the famous Nibbles The Horse interview (admittedly my favorite video of all time), and watching him this spring has been something of a treat. I'm not Joey Votto, but I think he is sending us, the fans, a message. Have. Fun. He already knows this season is going to be rough, and realizes its going to be painful for himself and the fans. We can only hope he continues this attitude for the rest of the season, as it may be the only thing that keeps those of us that don't have to write game recaps interested.

If you have any ideas to make this season more fun, share them in the comment section. In the meantime, go Reds.