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This Week in JPEGs – Cubfood

This Week in JPEGs is sponsored by dinner: Mmmmm mmm! Dinner!

picture courtesy of me, you idiots

Last week’s winning entry is titled Eugenio Suarez does his best Todd Frazier impression. It blew away the other two. And so it becomes this season’s first qualifier for the national finals at Mount Midoriyama in Las Vegas.

This week, the Reds came crashing back down to earth, suffering through a dreadful sweep in Chicago. So I drew some pictures.

Pasta and Meatballs for the Cubs

On Wednesday, Alfredo Simon started the game and did not survive the first inning. The game was pretty much over before it even started. He served up meatball after meatball to the Cubs’ lineup, surrendered five runs, and tallied only two outs. The Cubs feasted.

More like bullSHITpen imvho

Starting the season, the Reds had pretty much an entire starting rotation’s worth of pitchers on the mend. We all knew the young and inexperienced rotation would take some lumps, but so far they have struggled to throw even five innings a game. That means the bullpen, the biggest weakness on the team, has stepped in early and often.

And it hasn’t been pretty. Blake Wood and Caleb Cotham have combined for 10 shutout innings so far, but everyone else has a collective ERA around 8.00. It stinks.

Rerss Ehrlenderf

Speaking of the bullpen, the Reds signed Ross Ohlendorf near the end of the spring training to try to bring some Veteran Presence to the ragtag cadre. But have you seen this guy? He does one of those old-timey wind-ups, flailing his arms and legs all willy-nilly. I have nothing against the fella personally, but it sure does look silly.