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MLB unveils 2016 Special-Event Jerseys and Caps

They're... something.

Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

Earlier this afternoon, Major League Baseball announced and unveiled the jerseys and caps that all teams will be wearing for certain special-events this season. These events include Mother's Day, Father's Day, Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, and, of course, All Star Weekend.

In this author's personal opinion, most of what MLB released today is total hot garbage that I wouldn't be caught dead wearing, let alone spending cold, hard cash on (because, let's be honest, that's what all of this is about). Regardless, let's take an event by event look at the get-ups.

Fire up the hot-take cannon.

Mother's Day JerseyCap

Well, we're off to a bad start. Basically, when sports want to honor women they just throw a ton of pink on stuff and call it a day. Baseball, of course, is no different. It seems overdone and cliche to me. I'm all for honoring mothers on Mother's Day and basically every other day, but I feel like we can do better than just adding pink.

I have no ideas myself, though, because it's easier to throw stones from the comfort of my mother's basement than come up with an original thought.

Anyway, turn all the red on the home unis pink and there you have yourself a Mother's Day jersey. For whatever reason, MLB decided to have a gray cap with pink stitching and logo. I would've preferred they'd gone the whole nine and just made everyone wear bright pink hats.

I hope the number isn't as small in practice as it is in this rendering, because it makes no sense and makes a horrible looking jersey look barf worthy.

Father's Day JerseyCap

You remember what I said about Mother's Day and pink? Well, turn that pink into blue and call it a father, because that's the extra amount of thought that went into a new Father's Day edition of baseball jerseys.

I feel like these work a little better. I think it's because the blue works better on the gray than the pink does, but what the hell do I know? They're interesting in that I don't remember MLB doing anything like this for dads before, but I would've liked to see the execution done a bit better.

If adding pink for Mother's Day is cliche and overdone, doing the exact same thing on Father's Day and blue is lazy.

Memorial Day JerseyCap

#KillCamoForever2016 good lord these things are gross.

Fourth of July JerseyCap

As far as the holiday jerseys go, these are probably the least bad, and I think they are better with some of the other logos. The star pattern in the logo and number are interesting but not too busy, and the redesigned blue piping obviously works with the already Reds red jersey. This one has potential, and the way it works with some of the other team's away jerseys look pr'nice, actually.

Less can be said for the cap. It's not horrible, but remember what I said about the star patterns in the number on the jerseys? The exact opposite is going on here; these caps are BUSY. I do like it in red, though.

All-Star Workout JerseyCap

The All-Star Workout jersey is the big winner here. The 2016 All-Star game will depart the Queen City and reside in San Diego this July, and will take on a very classic Padres look while doing it. I feel like the All-Star Game should always feature the design and history of its host city, and this was the perfect way to do it. The Padres need to bring this back full time.

The cap, on the other hand... woof. That lettering on a cap is absolutely atrocious.

All-Star Game Cap

This is fine. Classic for the teams, with a touch of gold trim to make it stand out and feel/look special. Not much to see here. The stars on the holes there (vents?) border between too much and not good, but that's really the only complaint I can muster about these.

We all know Red Reporter is full of a bunch of fashionistas and, at the very least, strong-opinion-havers. So, what say you, Red Reporters? How bad are most of these special-event outfits?

h/t Jamie Ramsey and Better Off Red for picture links