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How well do you remember the 2015 MLB season?

Bust out that thinkin' cap!

You can't spell fungo without...nevermind.
You can't spell fungo without...nevermind.
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

On Tuesday, the Cincinnati Reds will finally have their full contingent in Goodyear, as the non-pitchers and non-catchers will officially report to get Spring Training underway.  Reports have flowed in noting the early appearances of almost every Red on the invite list, with only Brandon Phillips and Joey Votto as noticeable names who have yet to make an appearance in The Land of the Endless Strip Mall.

And, well, they're Brandon Phillips and Joey Votto, so that's not even a big deal.  They're the most seasoned position players on the team, and an extra day in February isn't going to make a lick of difference on the season they're about to have.

With 2016 on the mind, I thought it worth looking back at how well you remember the 2015 season, one that saw the Reds churn out one of the worst in franchise history.  If that performance wasn't enough to make you seek your baseball elsewhere, though, they're just one of 30 MLB teams, and a lot of interesting shenanigans went down last year.

On cue, Sporcle's got a ready-made test for your memory of some of the most obvious and intricate happenings in baseball last season, so before you turn the page officially to the 2016 season, shake the cobwebs on 2015 first.  Then, add 20-70 points to the score you actually got, and gloat about it in the comments!