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Baseball is coming

Tomorrow we'll get a lot more of these, but in celebration of pitchers and catchers reporting, let's take a look at baseball players doing baseball things

Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

You might have noticed, but today has been a fairly slow day. But, really, it's just the calm before the storm. This winter, we watched as our favorite team was torn apart in the name of building something bigger and better. We've waded through prospect list after prospect list as a way to determine just how far away that bigger and better something is.

Tomorrow, Reds pitchers and catchers will officially report to spring training in Goodyear, Arizona. We'll have all the coverage from afar (and maybe, just maybe, a few of us might just crash the party), but today, those that have already arrived on the scene snapped a few pictures for our perusal.

Here you see Michael Lorenzen doing what Michael Lorenzen gets paid to do.

In this picture, old buddies Homer Bailey and Bryan Price are, uh, doing something. Maybe watching Lorenzen? I don't really know. But the most important part here is that the sun is shining and they're standing on a baseball field.

Baseball is coming, everyone. It's very, very close. We entered a long, cold, hard winter in November and we are just one day from coming out on the other side.

Baseball is coming. And that's something worth celebrating.