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2016 RR Community Prospect Rankings: Jose Lopez Is #30!

Holy cow, Jose Lopez was on that list for a really long time.

Finally, the 2016 Community Prospect Rankings have come to a close. Seriously, it started to feel like it would never end, though, I really love doing it.  Jose Lopez took the final spot on the rankings, even though I think he's been on the voting list for two weeks.  At the time of me beginning writing this article he had a one vote lead, though it was tied for a while.

To round out the voting there are three honorable mentions we will tack on (#31,#32, and #33, if you will).  We usually do this because consolation prizes are nice, even if kind of worthless.  This year's honorable mentions are:

Wyatt Strahan, RHP

Nick Howard, RHP

Jonathon Crawford, RHP

That's actually something to look forward to.  There are two first round picks and a 3rd round pick in those honorable mentions.  Obviously, there is still plenty to prove but I think we need to be very happy with how this list and the Reds farm system is shaking out.  There is a lot of impact talent towards the top, but what I am most impressed with is the incredible depth the system afford across the board.

In the coming days and weeks we'll be looking at this year's Community Prospect Rankings, comparing to past year's rankings, other prospect rankings from 2016, and then I'm sure some of us will be giving our own stupid/expert opinions.  We still have several weeks until real baseball starts, so there is no reason we can't spend some of it with continued, brutal, discussions about prospects.

Here are your final rankings:

1. Jesse Winker, OF

2. Robert Stephenson, SP

3. Cody Reed, SP

4. Jose Peraza, SS/2B

5. Tyler Stephenson, C

6. Amir Garrett, SP

T-7. Alex Blandino, 2B/SS

T-7. Nick Travieso, SP

9. Rookie Davis, SP

10. Keury Mella, SP

11. Yorman Rodriguez, OF

12. Phil Ervin, OF

13. John Lamb, SP

14. Eric Jagielo, 3B/1B

15. Scot Schebler, OF

16. Tyler Mahle, SP

17. Antonio Santillan, SP

18. Gavin LaValley, 3B/1B

19. Aristides Aquino, OF

T-20. Sal Romano, SP

T-20. Zach Weiss, RP

22. Jon Moscot, SP

23. Seth Varner, SP

24. Blake Trahan, SS

25. Jake Cave, OF

26. Seth Mejias-Brean, 3B

27. Tanner Rainey, SP

28. Kyle Waldrop, OF

29. Ian Kahaloa, SP

30. Jose Lopez, SP

Honorable Mention:

Wyatt Strahan, SP

Nick Howard, SP

Jonathon Crawford, SP