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Cincinnati Reds links for February 11, 2016

One week from hearing about how all of these players are in the best shapes of their lives.

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I'll admit, there's slim pickings on news today, because we here at Red Reporter are so up ons the haps of Reds news we don't leave any meat on the bone for Reposters.

Or something.

More likely it's because we're one week away from spring training and, well, there's just not a lot going on out there.

So, we'll start with something that I know has been mentioned before, but I don't think has been formally addressed: Bryan Price joined MLB Network's High Heat a few days ago and suggested that John Lamb may not be ready to start the season due to some offseason surgery he had to clean up a problem in his back. This is, of course, concerning.

Keep in mind that John Lamb was once one of MLB's top prospects before Tommy John surgery derailed his 2011 season. Lamb then missed all but 13 innings of 2012 while he worked his way back to good health, and then spent all or parts of 2013, 2014 at AAA, to varying levels of success. He finally looked most of the way back in 2015 when the Reds swapped Johnny Cueto for him, Cody Reed, and Brandon Finnegan.

Lamb made his major league debut late in the season for the Reds, and ended the season 1-5 with a 5.80 ERA in 49.2 IP but didn't necessarily look as bad as that line might suggest. His FIP as only 4.16 and he whiffed batters at a 10+ K/9 rate. He figured to be one of the front runners to break camp with the Reds as a member of their starting rotation; a job, remember, that is guaranteed to basically no one currently on the staff.

All that said, an injury that will delay Lamb's development and season start is frustrating. He figured in to be a sleeper in the Cueto Trade, but he falls further behind with every day missed. The injury itself seems minor, so hopefully it doesn't cause Lamb to fall even further behind.

In more prospect news, Baseball America shuffled up and re-dealt their Organizational Top 10 to reflect the flurry of moves that have transpired since their original lists were published. For the Reds, this means that Jose Peraza and Rookie Davis slot on the list; Peraza fourth and Davis ninth. Because of this, Keury Mella slides to number 10 and Sal Romano and Tyler Mahle fall off the list altogether.

John Sickels over at Minor League Ball is finishing up his preliminary rankings of the Reds Top 20. Here he has a discussion of the organization overall, and you can read several other people's thoughts on the Reds system. In a subsequent post, he lists the prospects being considered for his list. Earlier this morning, he wrote up the grade breakdown for the Reds system. And, in what you should now recognize as a very slow burning process, we can expect the actual Top 20 to be posted soon.

Red Reporter will, of course, be all over it.

Keeping with a minor league theme, Reds farmhand and once-a-prospect-but-not-really-anymore Donald Lutz was named the most valuable player of the Australian Championship Series. Lutz, who was cut last year after suffering and elbow injury that required Tommy John surgery, traveled to the Land Down Under this winter to continue working himself back into shape. The showing was good enough that the Reds rewarded him with another minor league contract, though they did not invite him to spring training, likely because they've already got nine guys wrestling for the LF spot and Donald Lutz may be the most known quantity of them all.

How die hard are Cincinnati Reds fans? Fifth most die hard in the league, that's how die hard. They're so die hard that they most certainly Die Hard with a Vengeance. Unfortunately, with what's been the blood-letting of bonafide fan favorites and proven talents this offseason, I'm afraid that Reds fans will decide that 2016 is a Good Day to Die Hard.

I think it's always a good day when you can mention something about Joe Nuxhall and be relevant. Take it away, Reds Twitter:

Lastly, and really apropos of nothing, really, other than I think this is very Bengal/Andy Dalton-esque: the Bengals QB apparently lost  the luggage from the back of his truck on the way from DFW this week. In an effort to get them back, he posted a pleading message on Twitter:

Dalton kept us up-to-date on #bagsearch2016, and pledged to give anyone that stopped on the side of the interstate and picked up his luggage a reward. The Reds, as always, were glad to help.

This would actually be a pretty terrible situation that I'd hesitate to joke about, but #bagsearch2016 has a happy ending: some dude named Robert FOUND HIS BAGS ON THE INTERSTATE.

So, way to go to Mr. Dalton. Just be thankful it was Dallas and not Houston, I suppose. He always loses things in Houston.