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Votto wins team MVP, naturally

No big surprises for Reds award winners

MLB: Cincinnati Reds at Chicago Cubs
out of focus and into our hearts
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At Redsfest, the Reds announced their team and organizational award winners. If you were paying attention this season – and gyuh, no offense taken if you weren’t – there were not many surprises.

Joey Votto was named team MVP. It’s his fifth such award, and here’s a Sporcle quiz by Slyde if you want to see who else has won ‘em.

Dan Straily won the Johnny Van Der Meer Pitcher of the Year award. Someone had to. I’m kinda surprised they didn’t just mail it to Cueto, but Strails did have a pretty good year all in all.

Tucker Barnhart won the Joe Nuxhall Good Guy Award after completing the obstacle course in 16.5 seconds, bringing slippers to the bed in the morning, and alerting Gramps that Jeff fell down the well.

Down in the minors, the Chief Bender Minor League Player of the Year was Aristides Aquino. Did he win in 2014, as well? Could he be a three-time winner of the award with a big 2017? That would be great.

Amir Garrett won pitcher of the year in the minors, and Shed Long was hitter of the year. Shed Long also won the Redsfest Wiffleball Contest. The legend of Shed Long continues to grow.

Astin Barrett won the Minor League Community Service award, which is very nice of him. Yeay, Astin Barrett!

The real story, as far as I’m concerned, is Shed Long. He kind of looks like a stocky Mahershala Ali and kind of hits like Jose Altuve. He also took the time to take a selfie with Daytime TV Star Nick Senzel and Fart Joke Teller Jesse Winker. Is this right here the future?