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The Best of Red Reporter - 2016

It’s fair to say most people are ready to see the calendar turn from 2016 to 2017. However, before we ring in the new year, we wanted to take a quick look back at some of our favorite moments from Red Reporter this season. At least a few of the articles we wrote are worth revisiting...right?

We thought about highlighting the most viewed articles on the site in 2016, but quickly realized that would give you ten pieces about the Jay Bruce trade (apparently that was a big deal). Instead, we decided to give you some of our favorites articles over the past twelve months as chosen by the staff.

Here is what we were most proud of in 2016:

Most Reds fans knew this season would be a struggle. Charlie Scrabbles got us ready for the impending disappointment (with a little help from Kierkegaard). Even though there weren’t going to be many wins on the field, there was still joy to be found in experiencing baseball.

One of our favorite articles actually didn’t have much to do with the Reds (other than cameo appearances by Shin-Soo Choo and Josh Hamilton). Cy Shourek gave us a spectacular Texas Rangers preview influenced by one of the biggest Broadway musicals of all time.

With the season about to start, BK reminded us that “Opening Day in Cincinnati is different.

Charlie Scrabbles wanted to ensure you got to experience the Reds first game of the season. He offered his assistance by reminding you of places to avoid on Opening Day.

On April 15 the Reds were 5-5, and I was feeling optimistic. I told you this was the best season to be a Reds fan. That might have been an overstatement.

You might not remember this, but there was a time you were really upset that Bryan Price let Brandon Finnegan face Yoenis Cespedes. Thankfully, Wick Terrell was willing to breakdown why Price might have made that decision.

On May 8, Matt Allaire strapped on his GoPro and made “The Todd Coffey Sandwich.” Not only did this give us all a delicious new recipe to try at home, but it also got Red Reporter on MLB Network.

We know one of the reasons you come to Red Reporter is for the deep thought we put in to the nicknames of Reds minor leaguers for every Farmers Only. Actually, a few of you (on Facebook) weren’t feelin’ our style. Mitchell Clark put a stop to the fun.

We’ve all likely tried to forget the June debates regarding the true “Hit King.” Is it Ichiro? Is it Pete Rose? Wick stepped in to the debate to argue that maybe context is king.

At the end of June, I was taught I could be thankful for a bad baseball team.

We said goodbye to a number of icons in 2016. Cy Schourek penned a fitting farewell to Muhammad Ali.

Most us remember the Reds bullpen being terrible in 2016. However, it did get better as the season progressed. Derek Grimes broke down the transformation.

By the end of August your interest in the Reds might have been waning. Charlie Scrabbles reminded you that in spite of wins and losses, “Baseball is fun.”

Following the season, Wick assessed the state of the Reds rebuild. Is the team on track to be competitive in 2018?

What would happen if 25 Mike Napolis faced 25 Kyle Schwarbers in a World Series? Tony Wolfe gave us an answer. Red Reporter...tackling the questions you didn’t even know you wanted answered.

Mitchell Clark gave us an eye-witness report from Chicago during the World Series.

In 1990 the Reds wrote a rap song. I was compelled to make a serious inquiry into “Reds Hot.”

J. Scott Sewell made a splash in his first few days at Red Reporter with his article, “Did the Reds actually trade Christy Mathewson?

That will do it for us at Red Reporter in 2016. Thanks to all of you who make this great community what it is. We’ll be back in 2017 with even more JPEGs, nicknames, Reposters, and tunes.

Happy New Year from all of us at Red Reporter!