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Reds pick up Graterol, Guerrero

A lumpy catcher and projectable OF

New Red Juan Graterol
what is this, cricket?
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The Reds announced, just in time for Redsfest, that 27-year-old catcher Juan Graterol and 22-year-old outfielder Gabriel Guerrero were added to the 40-man roster. They come from the Anaheim and Arizona organizations, respectively.

Erstwhile reliever Keyvius Sampson and definitely a catcher Ramon Cabrera were DFA’d to make room.

It is not worth getting upset about this move, but it’s hard to be too happy about it. Keyvius was one of the more fun live-armed relievers the Reds had, and it would be a shame to lose him. Ramon Cabrera was a switch-hitter.

Guerrero, however, is the highlight of this transaction. He is the nephew of Vladimir Guerrero and prospect blurbs do stuff such as “Like his Uncle Vlad, he doesn't use batting gloves. Also like his uncle, Gabby is a free swinger.” They leave out things like “Uncle Vlad was hitting .302 /.350 /.483 in the majors when he was Gabriel’s age.”

Gabriel Guerrero went .212 /.273 /.313 in AAA Reno last year over 110 PAs. I didn’t even know that was possible in the Pacific Coast League. Seven Extra Base Hits getting-ass.

He was also part of the Mark Trumbo trade of mid-2015. Shoot, he was nearly the highlight of the Mark Trumbo trade, even if Jack Reinheimer has hit alright all of the sudden. Shudder to be a Diamondbacks fan.

Juan Gratero is turning 28 on Valentine’s Day and the Reds will be his fourth organization. He went .300/.340/ .370 for the Angels’ AAA squad before getting a cup of coffee for the big leagues, and it is tough to see where he ends and Ramon Cabrera begins. Or how either are all that much more exciting than Chad Wallach, who will be 25 and in AAA to start the year.

These are the third and fourth warm bodies to be picked up in the new Williams Administration, if you missed Jefri Hernandez and Johnny Hellweg making the trip over a couple of weeks ago.