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Cleveland Indians at Toronto Blue Jays, ALCS Game 3 - (Trevor Bauer vs. Marcus Stroman)

Baseball the may it was meant to be played...except for the stupid DH.

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Game 3 of the Junior Circuit's championship series is the lone baseballing affair on the docket this evening, where the Cleveland Indians will head north of the border to tangle with the Toronto Blue Jays.  Everyone's second favorite Ohio-based MLB squad will be aiming to seize a commanding 3-0 series lead, while the Blue Jays will be desperate to get a win before their entire offense inches ever closer to being nothing but free agents.

Fresh off slicing his finger open on a drone, Trevor Bauer and his goofiness will toe the rubber for Cleveland, whereas pint-sized Marcus Stroman will get the starting nod for the Blue Jays.  Given the thump in both lineups and the fact that both starting pitchers owned regular season ERAs that began with a 4, I'm guessing we'll see dueling no-hitters into the 13th inning.

Yes, they're both dumb and both roll out designated hitters, but that doesn't mean it's not still almost baseball.  So tune in, and thread along with us if you please.