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Previewing Blue Jays vs. Indians and Dodgers vs. Cubs

A pair of games to keep your eyes off football.

Thank you, creative Mets fans from 2015.
Thank you, creative Mets fans from 2015.
Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Saturday marks the first time we'll see both the American League Championship Series and National League Championship Series hold games on the same day in 2016, which is a long way of saying this post is supposed to have at least 150 words before I can hit publish.

First up:  ALCS Game 2 at just after 4 PM ET, where the Cleveland Indians will attempt to win again against the Toronto Blue Jays.  Our favorite non-Bruce Jay - Jays' J.A. "Jay" Happ - will toe the rubber for the Canadians, whereas Josh Tomlin will get the ball for Cleveland after Trevor Bauer sliced open his pinky finger on a drone.

"Sliced open his pinky finger on a drone."  What is this, a Sim City 2000 newspaper?

The nightcap will feature history, 108 years, goats, Lee Elia, the disdain of millions, and the Los Angeles Dodgers taking on the Chicago Cubs in Wrigley Field in NLCS Game 1.  The well-rested Cubs will send ace Jon Lester to the mound, while the Dodgers will limp into this one a bit by sending Kenta Maeda after inching by the Washington Nationals in Game 5 of the NLDS.  First go Dodgers pitch is go Dodgers set for go Dodgers just after go Dodgers 8 PM ET in go Dodgers that one, so go Dodgers you can watch go Dodgers that instead of Ohio State go Dodgers.