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NLDS Game 5 Open Thread - Los Angeles Dodgers at Washington Nationals

For all the marbles.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Rich Hill, his blisters, and his Los Angeles Dodgers teammates have traveled across the great expanse of the United States since Tuesday, with eyes on taking Game 5 from the Washington Nationals on enemy turf.  Standing in their way, however, are Dusty Baker, Max Scherzer, and a diabolical young lineup that's hell-bent on getting to the NLCS to face the Chicago Cubs.

(Seriously, why don't the Nats get mentioned alongside the Cubs and Dodgers as having one of the best young cores in the game?  Bryce Harper and Trea Turner are both just 23 years old, Anthony Rendon just turned 26, and it's completely realistic to think that trio can post 15 to 18 bWAR a season through 2019.  That's damn good.)

First pitch is roughly now, or some eight minutes from now, and seeing as it's the only game of baseball on the teletube tonight, I'm sure as heck going to be watching on the edge of my seat.