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Junior makes history: Ken Griffey, Jr. is a Hall of Famer with 99.3% of the vote

Mike Piazza joins The Kid in a two player election.

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

It is finally official: Ken Griffey, Jr. has been elected into the National Baseball Hall of Fame. There's a ton to be said about Junior, but Wick already said a lot of it earlier today.

Griffey was a virtual lock, but a lot of the speculation was about just how many voters would include him on their ballot. It turns out that he wasn't the first unanimous choice (there very likely never will be), but The Kid still made history, busting past Tom Seaver's 98.8% share, showing up on 99.3% of the voters ballots. Griffey was left off of only three ballots.

Mike Piazza was the only other player to be included in the 2016 Hall of Fame class, receiving 83% of the vote from the writers. Piazza, in his fourth year on the ballot, has been long overdue for the honor, but a large physique along with, I don't know, a hairy back, had kept him off enough ballots in the past.

Others of note: Roger Clemens only received 45.2%, while Barry Bonds received only 44.3%, well short of inclusion. There had been speculation that trimming the voting pool would boost their chances but, overall, the results don't look particularly promising for two of the best players to ever play the game (steroids be damned).

Meanwhile, Jeff Bagwell (71.6%), Tim Raines (69.8%), and Trevor Hoffman (67.3%) will all have to wait one more year, also falling short of the 75% requirement.

But anyway, it's a great day for baseball fans: Ken Griffey, Jr. is officially a hall of famer.